Word of Faith

Word of faith

Words of faith and encouragement to transform your life and make you overcome all obstacles. Stop suffering and believe: God has a plan for your life. Move forward and know the power of Jesus.


Biggest obstacle

God wants you to be complete in everything.

Careful with what you hear

Be careful with what you hear
There are certain words that just have to be disregarded completely.


Spiritual Warfare

God’s will is for us to overcome and move forward.


Journey of Faith

Read this as soon as possible!


Find out what makes the difference among Christians.



It leads to rivalry, put-downs, gossip and hatred.



He understands you better than anyone else could.



Abraham did not waver, instead he dared to believe and trust in God’s promise.


Stop suffering

Trust in God, and He will be with you at all times

Holy Spirit

The importance of the Holy Spirit
Knowing the power of Jesus vs. having the Spirit of Jesus


Negative person
A pessimistic attitude can affect your personal life and career.
Spiritual authority
Those who exercise their faith in Jesus have spiritual authority over evil.



We can learn a valuable lesson from them.
Believe in Hope
Nurturing a faith that stands and overcomes obstacles
God has a plan
Life may often seem confusing, but persevere in your faith.
Do not be afraid
Regardless of who we are, there are moments in life that will bring us fear.
The Word of God is spiritual food
It nourishes our faith and renews our minds.
A step that only you can take
Power of words
What we say and listen to can produce life or death
You might have failed, but it is not the essence of who you are
Active faith
Do you have an active faith?
Learn about the faith that pleases God and brings down walls.
Fight for your rights
Fight for your rights!
How would you react to injustice?
Deliverance from fear
Deliverance from FEAR
Find the strength to overcome
An exchange for your soul
Does it sound familiar to you?
Identify the symptoms and seek help
Let it be DONE!
Your thoughts and faith influence your life
Frustrated or discouraged
Are you feeling frustrated or discouraged?
Read this message made specially for you
The end is near
The end is near
The Bible’s perspective

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