Universal Beyond Bars Ministers at Clemens

Universal Beyond Bars Ministers at Clemens

The Universal Beyond Bars (UBB) church started volunteering with TDCJ in October 2017 and currently has a total of 23 approved volunteers at seven TDCJ facilities.

UBB is currently facilitating the Intellimen Project, a program geared toward men holding each other accountable during their everyday lives, and focusing on their mental, physical, and spiritual development. Recently the UBB Church made a decision to embark on a chapel improvement project at the Clemens Trusty Camp.

They remodeled the current multipurpose room, by painting, laying flooring and adding an altar. They also donated a new sound system and new chairs.

“The Clemens Unit is blessed to have partnered with Universal Behind Bars Ministry and we are very appreciative for their support and dedication,” stated Warden Bruse Armstrong.

“UBB’s mission in partnering with TDCJ is to help make a difference in the lives of each offender. Our goal is to show each individual and help them understand that, regardless of their past, they can make it in life. We have seen many lived transformed through the power of God, so we strongly believe we can help TDCJ in the rehabilitation of these individuals”, said Pastor Quincy Leith. “Our greatest goal is to share this great vision in every unit in Texas and throughout the USA.”



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