UniSocial and the Caleb group give back to the community

Mature in age, young in spirit. Recently a group of seniors took the time out of their weekend to accommodate residents in a Brooklyn apartment building. For months the group has visited the area inviting residents to receive prayer and also to special meetings at the local Universal Church. 

The group is known as the Caleb Group. Made up of those 50 years and older and still looking forward to doing much more in life and their communities. The belief is that they may be mature in age but young in spirit. 

The residents were very happy and pleased to receive the packages. Each family received canned goods with non-perishable items. The goal is to show the care that the Caleb UniSocial team has for the community. Much more than giving donations, it was an opportunity to reach out to those around them. There are many projects done by the UniSocial teams around the country. 

Over 70 bags were prepared and distributed.

And as the new year comes around the corner, those teams will continue to do their best to reach out to their neighbors and community. This one, in particular, made a big difference in the lives of the residents. You could see the joy on their faces as they received their bags. Families came down to the small recreational center of the complex.

One by one, they began showing up. Over 70 bags were prepared and distributed. The gesture was well received and appreciated, and the work in the Brooklyn community will continue with new projects, ventures, and outreach groups to help those who are in need. 

The group is known as the Caleb Group. Made up of those 50 years and older and still looking forward to do much more in life and in their communities. 

*Do you or someone you love need help? Give us a call at 1.888.332.4141 or send us a text at 1.888.312.4141.

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