I had my degree but couldn’t find a job

I had my degree but couldn’t find a job

From left over to overcomer “Today my life is completely transformed!” 

My parents were not together, I was raised by my grandmother. When I was 7 years old, my father took me from my grandmother to live with him and my step-mother.

She gave me a lot of a hard time. Among all my brothers, I was the one who was rejected. As a teenager, I grew up with a lot of anger inside of me against her and everybody. I had issues with my family and love life. Also, I had my degree but couldn’t find a job, it was very hard for me.

I had a professor that invited me to the church. I started attending the services and everything began to change for the better in my life.

I started doing the chain of prayers and God started to bless me. My family is all Muslim and I was a Muslim as well. However, when I saw changes in me and in my life, I kept going faithfully.

My family is all Muslim and I was a Muslim as well. When my family found out that I was going to the church, they told me that I wouldn’t be part of the family anymore, however, because of the changes I saw in my life, I told them that it was my choice and no matter what I would continue to go to the church. Because of that, I faced a lot of persecution and jealousy in my family; they even went as far as doing witchcraft against me for me not to move forward in life, trying to stop me from attending the services. However, God kept on blessing me more and more.

I made a vow with God. I had to leave where I was living so I could persuade my dream of having a better life. I went to live in a place where I didn’t speak the language and it was really hard also because of my legal status.

 Today, I work with celebrities, I used to see them on TV but today I talk to them regularly, my job is great! It’s something unbelievable. I live on my own, I’m legal, and I’m exceeding my studies. If you are living your dream, there is no word to explain just to enjoy.

I forgave my stepmother, father and also my biological mother. Today, my life is completely transformed. – Traore, NY



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