The Inauguration of the Universal Church in Anadia, Portugal

The Inauguration of the Universal Church in Anadia, Portugal

The Universal Church has been working to spread the Gospel in Portugal since December 1989. It was the first country in Europe to receive the Help Center (as the church is called in Europe), and in those almost 27 years of history, work has only grown. Hundreds of churches were built, social actions were carried out and lives have been transformed through intelligent faith. Entitled to a good start of the year, another Universal Church was inaugurated in national territory, more precisely in Anadia.

It was on January 6, the first Sunday of the year 2019, that the population of Anadia received one of the most awaited moments, the inauguration of the most recent Universal Church in the country. But first of all, it is important to present this Portuguese city with a great historical heritage, which is approximately halfway between the cities of Aveiro and  Coimbra. With about six thousand inhabitants, before a village, since 2004 that Anadia is a city, seat of a municipality, divided into ten parishes.

Aware of the physical and emotional needs of the local population, the Universal Church opened its doors early in 2019 at an inaugural meeting that had a considerable influx of people, conducted by Pastor Gilson Bonfim, on Sunday at 6:00 p.m.




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