How to receive His Spirit in an unthinkable place

How to receive His Spirit in an unthinkable place


When I was 16 years old I moved out of the country and at the age of 17, I opened a company where I made a lot of money but I felt empty. At the age of 20, I moved back to my country and opened a second company where I lost everything.

I started going out with friends that introduced me to the world of drugs. When I first started using drugs with my friends, I would later go home and say to myself that I could stop whenever I wanted.

However, I kept on using drugs, until it got to a point where I had no more pleasure in using cocaine with my friends, therefore I started using it by myself in a locked room.

The worst moment was when I got into 4 car accidents and on the last one, I almost died.

I was invited to the church and I took part in the chain of prayers for deliverance. I was also baptized in water and during that time, the Fast of Daniel was announced. I took part of it to fill the void I had inside of me.

During the fast, I was working in a company and in the time of our lunch break, my coworkers would go to the game room and play, but for the Fast of Daniel, I wouldn’t go. I would stay in my car alone reading the Bible and the book of Bishop Macedo.

On the 20th day of the Fast of Daniel, as I was reading the Bible and the book of Bishop Macedo, in my car, I received the Holy Spirit.

Now, I’m married, I have a beautiful wife beside me, and everything that I need. I’m very happy not only on the outside but mainly in the inside, that’s the best! – Lucas




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