Road Rage

Road Rage

“We’ve just got to calm down over here.” States a local sheriff in Houston, Harris County. It is not uncommon to hear road rage incidents in most populated cities such as Houston, Texas.

Road rage has been taken to another level and innocent people are the ones who suffer the consequences. Recently on May the 1st a baby was shot during a road rage shooting and on July the 4th -a shooting ignited fireworks in a family car with fireworks which burned two toddlers all due to road rage. A lack of self-control is affecting passersby.

These are the most recent headlines; however, numerous incidents go unreported. Going back to the sheriff’s statement:

We’ve just got to calm down over here…


He calls himself a Christian. He goes to meetings in the church and is educated with everyone. In the eyes of others is the model husband. Always “good-looking” with whom he asks for something, he is comrade and helpful with his co-workers. Many will say that this is a nice guy. Others will say he is a good friend for the hard times.

But is he like this in every situation? What happens when this man goes through some adversity?

What if your conduct is tested day by day, with the natural occurrences that life presents? What will be your reaction?

It is good to know that, as long as one has his life centered on the Word of God and his designs, the tests will occur. Life is not a toy. It is in these hours that you see who this man is in reality.

If some traffic incident happens, for example, as a light collision of your car with that of another driver, how does he deal with it? Have you ever been raving with the other driver, leaving for the fight and making death threats, or stay calm and try to talk to understand what really happened?

In another situation, the same man needs to buy important equipment for his company with his credit card, and when he goes to the cashier to finish the purchase, he receives the news that the card is blocked. Will this man be filled with rage and shout to the four winds that the incompetent who are doing this with him will be dismissed? Or will you take a deep breath, call the card operator, and see what’s happening in a civilized way?

There are also cases where adversity calls for more immediate immediate action that can not wait until tomorrow. In others, it is necessary to make decisions that are in line with our maturity. And this is what is expected of a man. If he loves a woman, but withdraws, does not talk to her to know if there is reciprocity in that feeling and lets that moment pass, she may regret her whole life, for example.

If such cases have not yet happened to you, be sure that similar situations will occur in your life.

These may be times when your limits will be tested to the fullest and will require answers from you. At these times, the way you deal with what is happening tells you a lot about yourself and shows who you really are. If you get nervous at various times, you need to have self-control. If you do not reason in the face of a problem, you must first prepare yourself to think calmly in turbulent times. Your hesitancy at the moment of an ineligible decision may testify against you, and therefore, this attitude has to be changed.

Every man has his battles: those for which he prepares, as well as others that present themselves without warning. Life does not have a script telling you what’s going to happen. What we can do is guide us through the Word of God and be faithful to fulfill it at all times. Each time you turn away from it, you also turn away from God. Remember and understand: we need His presence in every aspect of our lives and in our actions to truly be men of God.



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