Heartbroken, Homeless and Suicidal.

Unhappiness, anger, and emptiness were part of Precious’ life after she lost her mother when she was 13 and had to move from one relative to another. The first aunt I lived with loved and treated me like her own child. She got married a year later, and I had to move to another one.

My life became a living hell, and I soon stopped attending services at the Universal Church. She made me babysit her three-year-old baby and shouted at me for every minor thing, including breaking a glass in the kitchen. Her impatience made it difficult for me to heal from losing my mother and adjust to the changes that came afterward. She later took her baby to her mother and sent me to live with my uncle.”

Her uncle sent Precious packing after four months, and she then lived with her grandmother, who was also unapproachable. “Moving from one relative to another made me feel like a burden to people who did not want me. I also developed anger against those who ill-treated me.

“I became suicidal and surfed the internet to find quick ways of killing myself.” In 2018, Precious returned to the church and rekindled her relationship with God. She attended services on Fridays for deliverance from suicidal thoughts and Wednesdays for spiritual development.”

“After two weeks, I stopped entertaining suicidal thoughts because I understood that my life is precious before God. At a Wednesday service I understood that I needed to forgive my relatives for developing a relationship with God. I forgave them, and we now have a good relationship. Committing my life to God brought me healing and gave me a reason to live. I am currently self-employed and have my place to stay.”

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