Do not focus on the problem—focus on faith!

By Viviane Freitas' blog

Who doesn’t have problems and difficulties in this life?

We all have an obstacle to overcome! Since childhood, we already have challenges to overcome, like overcoming the fear of falling while taking the first steps, the first day of school in kindergarten, overcoming the fear of getting hurt while learning to ride a bicycle and so on!

But have you noticed that when we focused on the goal, it led you to conquer!
That’s right, I remember when I was learning to ride a bike, I fell several times, but I got up and tried again, and I don’t even remember the pain or the scratches, because the willingness to learn was much bigger!

That’s how it is in our life … When we begin to mature, many difficulties arise, insecurities, and challenges but faith makes us focus on the goal and we have the strength to fight until we conquer, without giving up!

And when we fight for the salvation of our soul for eternity, that faith doesn’t become discouraged, but perseveres until the arrival in the Kingdom of Heaven! Furthermore, if you have the goal of being saved, you’ll never be discouraged by the difficulties, on the contrary, the difficulties will make you strengthen your relationship with God and live in His dependence!

Dear cybernaut, do not give up on the first attempt, and much less with the difficulties … Focus on faith because it makes you strong and confident in knowing that what God promised will be fulfilled through your perseverance and obedience!

” In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


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