She stopped hearing voices

My name is Norma, and this is my story.

I use to suffer from spiritual attacks, insomnia and depression

Before I came to The Universal Church, I use to see spirits at night trying to choke me, even during the day I couldn’t sleep well If I wanted to. Apart from the spiritual attacks, I was suffering from depression. I visited various palm readers because I came from a different culture.

Throughout this time, I believed that the palm readers were going to help me to get rid of my spiritual attacks, yet it never helped me, the situation kept getting worse every day.

They use to give me small objects with cards inside. They instructed me to keep the small artifact in my clothes, and that supposedly it was going to stop whatever I was experiencing. I continued to experience the same; I still kept hearing voices and hearing steps behind me. Nothing changed.

The worst moment of my life was when I contemplated suicide. I wanted to jump from a bridge and end it all. I didn’t know where to go or who to talk to because I was ashamed of my situation. I didn’t want to go around and tell people about my abnormal experiences.

At that time, the only place that made sense to visit were the spiritual people—like palm readers to see if they would help me, but they never did. My next decision was to commit suicide.

One day while I was looking for a movie to watch, I came across a pastor who was praying and preaching, and it caught my attention. He said to grab a glass of water and bring it close to the TV to pray together. I decided to watch the program instead.

I called, and they invited me to attend on a Friday. Afterward, I began to go every Friday, and gradually I began to see my life change.

I started to feel well; I stopped hearing things coming around me. My life completely changed. Today, my life is blessed; I no longer experience these spiritual attacks nor any paranormal experience. I don’t hear voices, and I am free from depression. I received the Holy Spirit. I am free!

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