Holy Revolt

Holy Revolt

The revolt does not come at random, out of anywhere or as a good idea. Rather, it is born of a violent reaction against the injustice suffered.

Unlike those accommodated in the faith, the revolted seek their rights acquired on the cross with courage, determination and boldness.

They depart for all or nothing, life or death before the God who had made promises to Abraham, Isaac and Israel with oath.

Those who are revolted harbor in themselves a spirit of indignation from the injustice suffered and refuse to continue living in this way. They prefer death.

Like Abraham, who, tired of waiting so long, finally said to the Lord:

Lord God, what will you give me if I remain childless …?
Genesis 15: 2.

From Moses, when he answered,

“If you treat me like this, kill me at once, I ask You, if I have found favor in Your eyes; and do not let me see my misery. Numbers 11.15.

From Gideon:

“If the Lord is with us, why has all these things come upon us?” And that is made of all His wonders which our fathers told us … Judges 6.13.

Each had reached the limit of despair. They did not fear for their lives or their families. It was all or nothing.

In response to this, THEN came the answer:

For Abraham:

And the Lord said to him, “This is not your heir; but he that shall be begotten of thee shall be thine heir. Then he led him out and said, Look at the heavens and count the stars, if you can. And he said unto him, Thus shall thy seed be. Genesis 15: 4-5.

To Moses he immediately replied:

Gather unto Me seventy men of the elders of Israel … Numbers 11.16.

For Gideon he said:

Go in your strength and deliver Israel from the hand of Midian … Judges 6.14.

The nature of those who suffer is a revolt. It carries with it hatred against the cause of injustice.


The Campaign of Israel is for those who are revolted.



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