Collective baptism in Ukraine

Collective baptism in Ukraine

The work of the Universal Church in Ukraine has given more and more fruits. Recently, 47 people decided to take the first step towards a new life with Christ, which is baptism in the waters. It took place in 4 cities: in Kharkiv there were 21, in Kiev, the capital of the country, 20 people surrendered to God; 3 in the city of Bila Tserkva and 3 in the city of Pereiaslav- Khmelnytskyi.

One of them was the electrician Serguei Koshelenvsky, 48 years old. He says that before he came to church, there were fights in his marriage that it became very problematic. “I got to know the work of the Universal Church through my wife who used to visit the church for a while. After 2 months I decided to take the opportunity of baptism and leave the life of addictions and disagreements in the family behind.”

Serguei reveals that today he can see a big difference in his life.
“Now I want to share to people what I received and to receive more from God.”

For 13 years The Universal Church has carried out an intense work of evangelization in Ukraine, despite the difficulties, due to the fact that most of the population is Catholic. “The people are extremely religious, the services seemed strange to them the first time because it is different from everything they knew until then. However, once they accept the invitation and learn to use pure faith, without religiosity, they surrender and become fervent people,” said Pastor Tiago Dias Casagrande, coordinator of work in the Ukrainian territory. According to him, the work of evangelization takes place in the streets, weekly in hospitals, institutes for minors, in addition to visiting orphanages and prison for life imprisonment.

Most of the Ukrainian population follows the orthodox religion. According to the pastor of the region, only between 1% and 3% of Ukrainians are Protestant Christians. Even so, The Universal Church presents the Word of God to all and the positive change in the lives of several people is what attracts the attention of followers of other religions.

One of these changes occurred in the life of Oleg. Before arriving at the Universal Church he was in an unhappy marriage, largely because of his alcohol addiction. In addition to this problem, he was accustomed to lying and losing a lot of money on slot machines. “At 15 I started smoking. In the army, my friends started inviting me to use drugs. I used opium, poppy, among others. I lived for a year under the influence of such drugs,” recalls Oleg. “I was in the army, then I got married and I had a child. After meeting my wife I stopped using drugs, but I started drinking. That is, I changed from one bad state to another.”

The definitive change only happened when he knew the power of God was able to deliver him from any addictions. Today his family is happy.



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