Promise Box

Promise Box

Proverbs 21.15

When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.

Because it is a simple and practical way to read selected verses containing prophetic texts, the famous Promises Boxes have become very popular in the Christian milieu. Here we will see how to include a box of digital promises on your website or blog where, at each “load” of the page a new verse will be displayed to your visitors.

If you can’t imagine what that digital promise box might be, just look in the top right corner of this page and check ours, See? You will also notice that if you update this page, another verse will be displayed automatically in this same place. Well, this is the function of the promises box: display a new verse with each page load.

Encouragement and faith: learn about God’s promises for your life. Choose your favorite theme for promise box so that God can send you a word of faith and wisdom, bringing more joy to your life. Precious Promises are Bible Verses that bring the word of God to you. In these Verses you will find God’s answer to your heart.

Share the Word of God on your social networks in text or image format simply and quickly. How about sending a Bible verse daily to your friends and family?

Choose your favorite cover for promise box and use it on your Facebook profile.

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