A mother’s faith

A mother’s faith

Hello, my name is Patricia and my son’s life was incomplete.

When he was in medical school, we had many problems. It was very difficult to pay for his tuition fees due to many financial problems. While in school, he was continually getting sick and they would call me to go and pick him up. It became too much for me. During this time, he wanted a visa, and he kept telling me that they were not processing his application. He didn’t know why he kept receiving emails stating the application was still being processed. I then told him, to not worry about it.

The worst moments of my life was when I became sick. I was no longer able to pay his school fees and I was borrowing money. The sickness prevented me from doing anything until the campaign of Israel came along.

I decided to do the campaign, and God heard my voice. He blessed me and healed me. He helped my son receive his visa and to move to the UK. I thank God for everything.

Before, every day, my son was crying due to one sickness or the other. Now, my son does not get sick. After all the sacrifices, he is blessed, and no longer sick. He’s a practicing medical doctor, and I am also healed.

Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Andrew. Growing up in Nigeria was tough, and receiving a medical education was challenging. Thankfully, due to my mother’s prayers and belief in God, I have successfully graduated as a medical doctor. I want to thank God, my mother, and Bishop Bira, for their faith, prayers, and support in my life.



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