she said “Never Again!”

she said “Never Again!”

Norma was depressed and suicidal for sixteen years. She constantly cut herself and was under suicide watch in the psychiatric ward. But now her life has changed. She will never again face these problems.

For the past 16 years, I was depressed and suicidal. I have been married three times. They made me feel I wasn’t worth it. The only thing that I turned to was suicide.

My first marriage ended because he pulled a gun at me and my son. I figured I can find any other man, but I only have one son.

My second marriage ended because he was abusive and made me feel like I wasn’t worth it, he belittled me and that’s when I tried to commit suicide. And my third marriage ended because he left me to do drugs and I wasn’t going to have that in my life. Every time I cut myself and see my blood I would feel smooth and comforted. (right picture)

I was an alcoholic and used the beer bottles to cut myself. I would cut myself and taken to the hospital.  They started noticing I have been there before for the same reason. They sent me to a psychiatric ward, where I was evaluated and they gave me six to seven pills to calm me down but it was not working.

The more I did it, the more I felt comfortable until one morning I turned on the TV and I saw the Showdown of Faith.

I felt that you knew my story, and I felt comfortable because you knew what I was going through. I called the number and I came – she shares with Bishop Bira.

After coming to the ministry I have changed, I’m no longer depressed, I don’t even think about suicide. I’m in peace, I love myself and I love this world. I found the right person that loves me and understands me. He also proposed to me . My life is good, my family is content but I really appreciate the greatest gift that God has given me. He is the one that gives me peace and shows me the light, so I can help somebody do and feel the same thing that I feel.



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