Universal Beyond Bars

Universal Beyond Bars


All around the world, millions of people are incarcerated each year. With this in mind, the church has developed a project solely to help with the spiritual rehabilitation of inmates. We strive to change what is on the inside, helping them free themselves from the prison inside their minds.

Upon finishing their sentence and leaving prison, many inmates meet their harsh reality outside the bars. Some are fortunate enough to receive support from family and friends while others are completely left alone. Without any conditions or stability, they decide it’s better to go back to prison than to stay outside. Others go with grudges and anger, leaving with the same mentality that got them arrested in the first place. What could be done to change this situation?

With this question in mind, The Universal Church created the Universal Beyond Bars project. The purpose of this project is not to show one more church to the inmates, or recite scriptures that they have already heard multiple times, but to show them that a truly new life awaits them outside, as well as to bring to the message of salvation to them.

Every week we have testimonies. A few inmates are soon to be released, some of them who have been abandoned by their loved ones are hearing from them again. Even the chaplains and officers complement us about the work we are doing because they recognize the changes in the life of the men. The men also say how much they appreciate our time and effort. If you have someone behind bars, don’t give up because it’s not the end. God can, and will transform your loved one through your faith. Just do your part with God, and He will do the rest.

*If you would like us to visit your loved one, please speak to the Bishop, Pastor or UBB volunteer at your branch; and we will make it possible to visit them.



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