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Listen to “UNIVERSAL ONLINE RADIO” on Spreaker.

Our Universal Online Radio is live 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days a Week.

Schedule – Eastern Time

Bishop’s Macedo MSG 12Noon to 12:45PM

No More Pain 12:45PM to 1:15PM

Breaking News 1:15PM to 1:30PM

OnRadio Songs 1:30PM to 3PM

There is Hope 3PM to 3:30PM

Living it Up: Coast-to-Coast I 3:30PM to 4PM

Living it Up: Coast-to-Coast II 4PM to 4:30PM

Be Inspired 4:30PM to 5PM

Showdown of Faith (Reprise of the BET Program) 5PM to 6PM

Sispann Soufri (Creole) 6PM to 6:30PM

Open Doors 6:30 to 7PM

Breaking News 7PM to 7:30PM

Get Your Life Back 7:30PM to 8PM

One Word 8PM to 8:30PM

Don’t Give Up 8:30PM to 9PM

Assistants in Focus 9PM to 10PM

Time to Change 10PM to 10:30PM

Rebuilding Lives 10:30PM to 11PM

Bishop’s Macedo MSG 11PM to 11:45PM

Midnight Prayer 11:45PM to Midnight

Blessed Hour Midnight to 12:30AM

There is Hope 12:30AM to 1AM

Find Answers 1AM to 1:30AM

No More Pain 1:30AM to 2AM

Showdown of Faith 2AM to 3AM

Songs and Testimonies 3AM to 4:30AM

News Coast-to-Coast 4:30AM to 5AM

Assistants in Focus (Reprise) 5AM to 6AM

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