Five tips for your first visit

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Here are some helpful tips for you to make the most out of your first visit to The Universal Church:

 1. Speak to the pastor or his wife before or after the meeting, feel free to ask questions and seek advice. The Universal Church also has assistants – volunteers that are carefully chosen and have proven character, who are committed to God and to helping others. The pastor will introduce them, and you will also have the option of speaking with one of them. Our assistants came once to the church for the first time just like you, and they understand the questions you might have and the problems you might be going through.

2. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to do anything. We encourage you, however, to give yourself the opportunity to participate fully so that you can see positive results in your life.

3. Although, you might fear that others will judge you, we assure you that the pastors are here to help you regardless of your situation. If you are willing to fight for a change in you, we are willing to guide you. So keep in mind, you will find respect and consideration, so don’t hold back in receiving the spiritual help that you need.

4. Anytime someone decides to take a step to change or seek help, obstacles come to hold them back. Don’t give up! Insist, call us for directions, bring a friend along, plan ahead of time and persist. Also, the earlier you arrive, the better. You will be more at ease and benefit more from your visit.

5. See for yourself! We are always bombarded with other people’s thoughts and opinions, we encourage you to see for yourself and make your own conclusions.